CCJL’s Common Sense in the Courtroom Awards

DENVER — A bipartisan group of legislators were recently honored by Colorado Civil Justice League with its annual “Common Sense in the Courtroom” Awards.

Award-winning legislators were formally recognized at CCJL’s Annual Awards Luncheon, which featured keynote speaker Walter Olson, editor of the popular website

“CCJL awards legislators who take a stand against abusive lawsuits,” said Jeff Weist, legislative director of CCJL.

This year’s winners:

Rep. David Balmer
Rep. Mark Barker
Rep. Randy Baumgardner
Rep. Don Beezley
Rep. Laura Bradford
Rep. J. Paul Brown
Rep. Edward Casso
Rep. Kathleen Conti
Rep. Don Coram
Rep. Brian DelGrosso
Rep. Bob Gardner
Rep. Cheri Gerou
Rep. Chris Holbert
Rep. Janak Joshi
Rep. Jim Kerr
Rep. Larry Liston
Rep. Marsha Looper
Rep. Tom Massey
Rep. Wes McKinley
Rep. Frank McNulty
Rep. Carole Murray
Rep. B.J. Nikkel
Rep. Kevin Priola
Rep. Robert Ramirez
Rep. Jim Riesberg
Rep. Sue Schafer
Rep. Ray Scott
Rep. Jerry Sonnenberg
Rep. John Soper
Rep. Amy Stephens
Rep. Ken Summers
Rep. Spencer Swalm
Rep. Keith Swerdfeger
Rep. Libby Szabo
Rep. Glenn Vaad
Rep. Mark Waller

Sen. Greg Brophy
Sen. Bill Cadman
Sen. Kevin Grantham
Sen. Ted Harvey
Sen. Steve King
Sen. Keith King
Sen. Mike Kopp
Sen. Kent Lambert
Sen. Kevin Lundberg
Sen. Shawn Mitchell
Sen. Scott Renfroe
Sen. Ellen Roberts
Sen. Mark Scheffel
Sen. Nancy Spence
Sen. Jean White

“At CCJL, we are grateful for the bipartisan support of legislators who understand the importance to Colorado’s economy of a court system that promotes fairness and follows the rule of law,” Weist added.

This year, the General Assembly confronted several attempts to increase litigation, including a bill that would provide new opportunities for employees to sue employers.

Another anti-business measure claimed to hold drunk drivers financially accountable for damages or injuries.  However, the measure did almost nothing to deter drunk drivers and instead was simply a ploy to allow for lawsuits against employers and auto manufacturers.

CCJL also supported a bill to overturn a bizarre 4-3 decision by the Colorado Supreme Court which ruled that injured persons could recover medical expenses that they never actually paid or owed.

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